Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development: Getting the most out of your website

A website is often how businesses make their first impression, and we all know what they say about first impressions.

To make the most out of your business’s website, Pen Cap offers web design and development services to ensure you make that first impressions count!

  • Custom web design services to help you build a website that represents your brand while offering a pleasant and accessible user experience
  • Web development built on a WordPress content management system (CMS) that looks great on desktop and mobile devices
  • E-commerce platforms for small, medium, and multi-location businesses
  • Email design & development to help you keep in contact with potential customers
  • Website performance optimization services to help you improve an already great website

Whether you’re looking for your first website or simply need to make some improvements, Pen Cap has a solution for you.


Harrison Senior Living

The main goal of the Harrison Senior Living website redesign was to create a more simplified user experience. Pen Cap accomplished that goal by completing a full site audit, making the site more accessible, restructuring the primary navigation, fixing broken functionality, and optimizing the website for tablet and mobile devices. All of these improvements resulted in a higher number of lead conversions.

St. Michaels Concours d' Elegance

In 2019, the St. Michael’s Concours d’ Elegance celebrated its 13th consecutive year as a premier automotive event. The Concours has grown every year, and so have their online needs. We built the Concours website from scratch to create a truly customized experience. We continue to maintain the site and provide solutions such as ticket sales, registration, and newsletter signup as the site grows.

Bederson, LLP

Bederson, LLP had specific goals for their website including a home page redesign, a new interior page template, and an overall update to the website design styles. Pen Cap tackled the home page redesign first, which defined the new design styles for the rest of the website. This preplanning enabled us to deliver the project quickly and affordable.

Chesapeake Bay Motoring Festival

The Chesapeake Bay Motoring Festival is a sister event for the St. Michael’s Concours d’ Elegance. Originally intended as an informational website about the event, the website has grown in 2020 to include ticket sales and registration functionality. These improvements have resulted in a higher number of pre-sale tickets as well as more entrant applications.