Technical SEO

Technical SEO: The Foundation of Your Website’s Success

If your SEO strategy is a temple, then technical SEO is the foundation upon which it is built.

Here’s the thing: There are a lot of great marketers out there, and every day they are coming up with bold, inventive strategies for growing their online presence. But those strategies are completely wasted if they’re not paying attention to technical SEO.

In very basic terms, technical SEO is about making sure your website checks off all the basic requirements needed for search engines to read your website and understand how to rank it.

For instance, are all the pages using canonicalization? Does your sitemap feature only the pages you want indexed? Can search spiders properly render any JavaScipt you have running on the site?

A lot of that may sound like jargon to most, but to a technical SEO expert those questions can signify whether an online marketing strategy is going to flourish or die on the vine.

Saving the Day with Technical SEO Audits & Consultations

For many sites, addressing technical SEO concerns can reveal a number of easy opportunities for growth and improvement.

That’s why we do a technical SEO audit for every client we work with.

While a technical SEO audit tends to reveal a lot of quick wins for a website, it’s so much more important than that. It’s about making sure we have a nice, strong foundation for the rest of the SEO work we do on the site.

Because technical SEO is so important, we make sure to stay on top of it regularly, constantly monitoring the site to make sure users and search engine spiders alike are able to enjoy your website as you intended them to!

Not sure if your technical SEO profile is up to snuff? Need a pro to help you out? Give us a call.