Content Strategy

Content Marketing: Captivating Users and Search Engines Alike

It’s rare that people are visiting a website without checking out the content on there. And the same goes for search engine spiders.

There’s a reason why online marketers constantly talk about content strategy–it’s literally a cornerstone for a successful online presence. Without the right content, users and search engines are blind to your business.

But it’s not enough to just throw up a few hundred words onto each webpage and call it a day. A true content strategy requires planning and research. It needs to be developed with your business, your brand, your competition and, most importantly, your target audience in mind.

Content strategy is not just one of the most important aspects of online marketing, it’s also one of the easiest to screw up.

Fortunately, Pen Cap is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Data-Driven Content Strategies That Draws Traffic and Satisfies Search Spiders

A content strategy is much more than just creating a blog. A true content strategy is about your identity. It’s about showing off why you’re the best there is at what you do, and why anyone who doesn’t get that is going to be that much worse off for it.

A content strategy takes into account what your online presence says about you. It’s about making sure every page on your site resonates with your audience and ensuring your online presence reverberates across the web and beyond.

It’s about making sure that search engines understand you and potential clients love you.

At the core of our content strategy is a three-part approach:

  1. Developing an intimate understanding of your business and website
  2. Conducting a thorough investigation of the competition
  3. Creating a detailed roadmap to elevate your business and build loyalty among your clientele.

By following this approach we’re able to audit your site to find out why your content is being out performed by the competition. From there, we take a tactical, ongoing approach to creating the kind of content that’s going to keep you top of mind and on top of the search results.

Creating Content So You Don’t Have To

The best content about your business is going to be created by the people who know it best: You and your team.

But you’re busy, and taking on the content creation process isn’t always an option.

Fortunately, we can help there, too. Whether it’s in-house or by working with one of our trusted partners, Pen Cap can not only help you plan the ultimate content strategy, but also provide you with the assets to make it happen.

Whether it’s crafting copy, developing web assets, drafting blog posts and articles, or creating something else entirely, we’re able to work with you closely on this challenge while taking it off of your plate.