E-Commerce SEO

eCommerce SEO Made Simple

eCommerce SEO services for growing businesses. Running an online retail business should be one of the easiest things in the world.

It should be, but it’s not. Far from it.

Just as much goes into an eCommerce site as does a brick and mortar store, if not more. Along with inventory management, logistics, and beating out the competition, online marketing brings with it a host of other concerns.

That last one, though, is the big one: Competition.

Whether you love or hate them, Amazon tends to dominate the online retail space. So does Overstock.com. So does Walmart, and Target, and so on and so on. Competition is every bit as fierce in the eCommerce world as it is in the physical world, but without the benefit of walk-in traffic to help offset it.

Then, how do you succeed in eCommerce?

Simple: With a rock-solid eCommerce SEO strategy custom-built for your specific business.

Custom Online Marketing Strategies Tailored to Your eCommerce SEO Needs

According to a study, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

A successful eCommerce SEO strategy is about making it as easy as possible for customers to find your store in the search engine results, and then making sure you offer the best possible experience available to them.

Sounds simple enough. But what goes into that? That’s where Pen Cap comes in.

Our plan is simple: We create a custom strategy tailored specifically to your site.

We start by evaluating your target audience, setting your goals, and, of course, analyzing your competition to get a baseline understand of where your business falls in the marketplace. From there, we craft a long-term strategy engineered to help you take advantage of your competition’s weaknesses while exploiting your eCommerce site’s biggest strengths.

This process includes:

  • Conducting a full technical SEO evaluation to make sure Google and other search engines can properly crawl, understand, and index your site and all your products
  • Analytics setup to not only track traffic and sales, but to better understand how users find your site and what can be done to improve this
  • Competitive gap analysis to see where you measure up against the competition
  • Implementing solutions to help bridge any gaps between the brick & mortar and the online store to make sure their successes feed into one another
  • Search intent research to better understand which queries and keywords your audience is using to search for your products and services
  • Creating a content strategy to help not only create a site that will anticipate and answer the queries of your target customers through every step of the sales funnel
  • A/B testing to collect data on what changes will drive the biggest increases in sales
    Integrating paid search, such as Google Search Ads and Google Shopping, and other channels (like email) to make sure you’re reaching potential clients on every level

Like we said earlier: “Sounds simple enough,” right? Maybe not. But that’s OK–fortunately, Pen Cap has years of experience working with eCommerce sites and brands of all sizes. We’ve got this covered for you.