SEO Services

SEO Services Designed to Fit Your Business’s Needs

SEO services for growing businessesAccording to a study, 60% of marketers say that search engines bring in the highest quality leads.

But for any business, building a successful SEO campaign can be extremely tricky.

It can be even trickier finding an SEO agency that fits in with your business’s needs, goals, and culture.

There are a lot of great SEO agencies out there, but regardless of skill and talent, many SEO consultants and companies often have a difficult time meshing with their client’s workflow and needs.

This is where Pen Cap Online Marketing is different.

We’re not your SEO agency. We’re your partner.

Like any other aspect of your business, a successful online marketing program works best when it integrates seamlessly with sales, marketing, IT, and every other part of your organization.

This is why Pen Cap’s SEO services are designed to fit in with your business’s needs. Because we’re small, we’re flexible.

And because we’re flexible, we’re able to meet you on your terms and provide SEO services that fit in with your structure.

Our custom approach to SEO is what had made Pen Cap a trusted partner for our clients. There’s a reason why our average open-ended SEO retainer lasts for over 4 years–it’s because once we’re able to understand how your business works, we’re able to become an invaluable addition to your marketing team.

SEO Services Customized to Your Business’s Needs

SEO has been around long enough for an experienced consultant to know what truly works and what doesn’t.

This is why everything we suggest and everything we do within our SEO campaigns is data-driven and performed according to white hat, best practice guidelines.

Our average campaigns consist of both limited and ongoing strategies that focus on the major pillars of SEO, such as:

Technical SEO Services

The very structure and build of your website can have a huge impact on how Google and other search engines can find and rank your website (especially when it comes to eCommerce SEO). This is why we put a heavy focus on how your site is built and how it’s presented to both users and search engine spiders. Everything from the site’s architecture to the site’s speed, and even how it’s coded are audited and constantly monitored to make sure you’re in the best possible position to rank for your audiences searches.

Content Strategy

Google, Bing, and just about every other search engine have one major thing in common: They use website content as one of the primary ranking factors for any website. Google, in particular, continues to put a stronger emphasis on ranking sites with quality, relevant content that not only answers a user’s question but also anticipates it. Because of this, a major piece of every Pen Cap SEO service includes an ongoing content strategy to make sure search engines completely understand your site and rank your business accordingly.


While the contents of website may be one of the most important ranking factors for search engines, a strong off-site presence is a close second. Linkbuilding–that is, the act of getting other authoritative websites to link back to yours–is a major, but difficult piece of any SEO campaign. Pen Cap’s approach to linkbuilding ties into our superior content marketing background, to make sure you have the type of website and content that will earn the kind of links needed to rank better.