Case Studies

Harrison Senior Living Adds 2,000+ Leads per Year with Pay-per-Click Advertising

On average, PPC conversion rates have shown a 56% year-over-year increase.


Harrison Senior Living, a chain of skilled nursing and assisted living communities operating in PA, DE, and MD, has been a long-time client. They initially engaged us to help with organic traffic, but once we began to dominate the local search engine optimization results, we turned our eye to PPC advertising services to further expand their reach.

Engagement Goal

Because local SEO efforts can be limited by the business’s proximity to the target audience, our goal for PPC was to cast a wider net in the region surrounding the towns where the care communities were located.

This would allow us to show up for a new audience that may not have been familiar with the brand’s communities because they were outside their immediate region.


To launch this campaign, we needed to hone in on what kind of audience the Harrison Senior Living wanted to target. In this case, it was families looking for either rehabilitation care or care for an aging loved one.

With that in mind, we created Google Ads campaigns that targeted these exact types of searches–particularly those looking for senior care homes.

We also targeted audiences who fit in the age demographics that may have aging parents in need of care. Finally, we used geo-fencing to make sure our ads only showed up in the areas surrounding the targeted communities.


Our initial results lead to a drastic increase in qualified traffic and leads. On average, paid search ads bring in an additional 150 – 200 leads per month since we started, which totals to almost an additional 2,000 leads per year. As our data grows, so improves our conversion rates. This past year saw a 56% increase in conversions compared to the previous year from PPC alone.

Proven Results

150 - 200

New leads per month from PPC


Additional leads from PPC campaigns


Year-over-year increase in PPC conversion rates