Case Studies

Barstool Comforts Makes Big Gains in Revenue on Their eCommerce Site

An improvement of over $100K each month
(and growing!)


Barstool Comforts is an e-commerce website specializing in high-end bar stools. While online sales were doing OK, the client was still being crushed by the competition, especially for products in which they had better pricing.

Engagement Goal

Our focus was to increase the relevancy of the site to make sure it could compete with the big brands that were dominating the search results.


We started with a technical audit, which revealed that several non-essential pages were being indexed and cannibalizing the more valuable pages on the site. This was occurring not only with the main product pages but also with the blog, which was a solid source for traffic.

We devised a strategic approach to pruning the unnecessary and exorbitant pages on the site. If it wasn’t pulling in traffic, wasn’t matching search intent, or was handled better elsewhere on the site, we cut it.

Doing this allowed search engine spiders to focus on the pages we wanted them to focus on, and rank them better as well.


Since our first month working together, the client has seen incremental month over month increases in revenue, often to the tune of 3 – 5%. In terms of year over year revenue, the client has seen increases of 10 – 15% each month. This all comes from improved ranking performance, which usually leaves some of their biggest brands in the dust.

Proven Results

$1.5 Million

In additional revenue year over year


Yearly increase in revenue since working with us


Rankings for one of the hardest keyword groups in Google.