A Snapshot of Pen Cap Online Marketing

Pen Cap Online Marketing, LLC, is the business name used by myself, Michael Ferrari.

After a successful career working for online marketing agencies and as a freelancer, I decided to put my skills to good use by starting my own online marketing shop. So, I created Pen Cap, a small but fierce online marketing provider helping small- and medium-sized businesses build a profitable online presence.

Who’s Running this Joint?

Michael Ferrari

Owner, Online Marketing & SEO Consultant

Hi, I’m Michael Ferrari, and you’re right: I do have a really awesome last name.

But I’m actually more than just a rockin’ last name. I’m also an online marketer, content writer, former journalist, dog lover, comics nerd, horror fanatic, and many other two-word descriptions too numerous to name here. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my wife, son, cat, and two dogs.

I fell in love with SEO and all things digital marketing a few years ago after I found out that it’s fueled by my biggest passion: writing. Because I have a long and varied background working in a variety of creative roles– web editor, journalist, web designer, copywriter, to name a few–creating engaging content is like second nature.

That, and my love for all things digital has made search engine optimization a natural fit!

George Walish

Web Designer & Developer

Hello, my name is George Walish, and I’m a Web Designer and Web Developer residing in Ventura, CA. I help businesses, organizations and individuals bring their digital projects to life.

As a Front-end Web Designer & Developer, I have over eight years of experience designing and developing responsive websites, emails, and other custom front-end solutions. I am continually researching the latest UX/UI trends to maximize the effectiveness of my client’s digital presence. HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP are among the skills I utilize in my projects, and I have experience in every step of the design process.

When I’m not focusing on custom web solutions, I am exploring the beautiful coastline of Ventura County, CA, searching for fun waves to surf. Either that, or I’m hiking in the local mountains, going for bike rides, climbing, cooking, and hanging out at the beach.

I’d appreciate the opportunity to help you with your digital project.