A Snapshot of Pen Cap Online Marketing

Pen Cap Online Marketing, LLC, is the business name used by myself, Michael Ferrari.

After a successful career working for online marketing agencies and as a freelancer, I decided to put my skills to good use by creating a one-man online marketing shop. So, I created Pen Cap, a small but fierce SEO provider helping small- and medium-sized businesses build a profitable online presence.

Who’s Running this Joint?

Hi, I’m Michael Ferrari, and I’m the sole force behind Pen Cap Online Marketing.

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right: I do have a really awesome last name.

But I’m actually more than just a rockin’ last name. I’m also an internet marketer, book author, graphic designer, content writer, web developer, dog lover, comics nerd, beer fanatic and many other two-word descriptions too numerous to name here. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my wife, son, and dog.

I fell in love with SEO a few years ago after I found out that it’s fueled by my biggest passion: content creation. Because I have a long and varied background working in a variety of content creation roles– web editor, journalist, web designer, public relations writer, to name a few–creating engaging content is like second nature.

That, and my love for all things digital has made search engine optimization a natural fit!

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